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RBCS Services List

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This is a list of our most popular services … but not all of the services that we provide.

So if you the service you need is not on our list, don’t hesitate to call or send us a note.

Security Improvement Services

Security Master Planning

The Security Master Plan forms the basis for security planning and design for people, process and technology measures. In other words, it is Security’s business plan.

Security Master Plans can be developed for a country, city, organization or single facility.

Get the book about Security Master Planning or sample it online, or just get a really good definition of what a Security Master Plan is on our Security Master Planning page.

Security Risk Assessments

Successful organizations actively look for ways to trade small amounts of increased overhead or cost for large amounts of risk reduction.

Learn about using Targeted Risk Assessments to take a close look at specific categories of risk.

Physical Security for IT

Most organizations do not sufficiently addresses physical protection for IT systems and infrastructure. Do you know what your few most critical information systems assets are, and how well they are physically protected?

Although the number of people with hacker skills is growing, the number of people who can wield a hammer or firehouse will always remain greater.

Get more insight into Physical Security for IT.

Security Concept of Operations

Most security programs are not well documented; usually many aspects are not documented at all! You have to start somewhere sometime, but where and when?

A Security Concept of Operations document is a great place to start right now, because it is a flexible tool that you can apply to any part of your security program, big or small.

A Security Concept of Operations (Security ConOps) is a statement in words or graphics that clearly and concisely expresses how security leadership (meaning you or your boss or senior management) intends a security department or a function of the department to accomplish. It also explains how that will be accomplished using available resources or planned resources, in languages that the security stakeholders can understand.

Don’t have enough staff? Can’t get training approved? We’ll bet you don’t have a Security ConOps document that lists what you need to do and how it will be done, including what personnel positions are required and what training they need. A Security ConOps document makes the case and is something you can submit for approval.

How can management understand and approve the organization’s security’s needs if you have no approved document that explains in plain English what needs to be put into place?

Learn more about creating Security Concept of Operations documents, and use them to effectively drive the critical elements of your security program, including management approvals.

Security & Engineering Support Services

These services apply to electronic physical security systems and their projects.

Deadline Recalibration Service

If you see deadlines slipping, don’t end up with a project that is declared “complete” when there are still unacceptable outstanding issues. Recalibrate the project and get the results you are working for and paying for.

Deadline Recovery Service

The growing momentum of an overdue project can give the project a “life of its own”, so that attempts to control it seem to have no effect.

“Deadline recovery” means exactly this: getting realistic (i.e. provably doable) new deadlines and running things so that the deadlines are met.

RBCS has highly expert security technology project specialists, who can get overdue projects back on track and eliminate the sanity-robbing “late project” impacts.

Learn more about Deadline Recovery.

System Concept of Operations

Technology—by itself—does nothing. The people and process parts of the picture are also required. However, the security industry has a tradition of starting with technology first, and fitting the people and process parts on afterwards.

Sound technology projects start with a System Concept of Operations that has all three parts. You can use a Concept of Operations to guide your people-process-technology deployment so that you get the greatest operational capability for your investment.

How can you know when your security plans and system designs are good enough? A Security Concept of Operations plan will tell you.

Learn more about creating a System Concept of Operations document, and using it to effectively drive the critical elements of your current or next security system deployment.

RFP/RFQ Review

An RFP or RFQ that under-specifies or over-specifies can thwart the proposal process and cause significant delays to the project, or result in a project that meets RFP/RFQ requirements yet is not fully satisfactory. Avoid the common RFP/RFQ pitfalls.

Vendor Proposal Evaluation

Once in a while it happens that competing vendor proposals are easy to compare. Most of the time, however, evaluating vendor proposals is an “apples to oranges” comparison. There may seem to be no clear winner in terms of proposals. Yet meaningful proposal evaluation is always possible.

System Migration Planning

When moving from one system to another, current operations must be maintained while moving over to the new system. The more critical the system, the more important the migration plan. An otherwise properly working system can fail in its new state if the migration planning and execution is incorrect or incomplete. Can you answer all of your project’s System Migration Planning questions?

Project Acceptance Testing Planning

The design of acceptance tests is critical. It is not uncommon for a system to pass all the individual acceptance test steps, yet fail to perform in ways that the users need it to work. How can this happen? Click to learn more…

Project Oversight

Projects get into needless trouble when early warning signs of difficulty are not seen or acted upon until it’s too late to prevent an expensive impact on the project (i.e. time and/or money). Those managers sleep best who have good project oversight in place. Learn more about the value of RBCS Project Oversight.