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System Migration Planning

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An otherwise properly working system can fail in its new state if the migration planning and execution is incorrect or incomplete.

How can you tell when you are truly ready to start the migration?

How can you prove the new system is ready to go live?

Many Questions Need Answering

How does the functionality map over from the old system to the new one? How can this be verified? Is a parallel test of both systems possible?

How can the database migration be proven out prior to “going live” with the new system? If the entirety of the old and new databases cannot be compared, what level of comparison is sufficient to assure that the data conversion is as error-free as it can be? Can test data be entered into the old database in such a way that the full range of the conversion transformations can be examined?

What categories of error require falling back to the previous system (if fall-back is possible)?

These and many other questions must be answered before migration and test plans can be safely approved.

If you are planning a system migration, call RBCS to discuss the critical factors specific to your technology deployment, at 949-831-6788.