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RBCS 2022 Services List

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Our services are listed in bullet points on this page, grouped into these three categories:

  • Security Leadership and Management (Strengthening the security function and its business alignment, as well as your own position as a security leader and manager or executive.)
  • Technology Command (Ensuring electronic security systems meet operational needs, and that your technology infrastructure serves you well and not the other way around.)
  • Security Operational Excellence (Measures and metrics for staff performance and security effectiveness, plus service delivery model implementation)

RBCS also offers a small but critical selection of services for security industry companies, shown on another page.

Security Leadership and Management

Resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, respond and adapt to change and sudden disruption.

This is not something that you “add on” to your organization. It is a set of capabilities that you build into it.

Vision, Strategy, and Implementation Planning for Compliance and Risk-Related Security Program Elements

  • National, regional or local level planning
  • Security management system implementation
  • Security technology planning
  • Departmental Skills and Knowledge needs assessment
  • Personnel planning
  • M&A-related Security program transition/integration

Assessments form the basis for much of security management and planning. Here are the most popular types of assessments we perform or help clients perform themselves.

  • Insider Threat Mitigation Assessment
  • Workplace Violence Threat Assessment
  • Proprietary Information Risk Assessment
  • Board Level Risk Concerns Assessment
  • Micro-Assessments for Decision & Planning Support

Establishing and communicating Security’s role in the business

  • Internal “branding” for the security function
  • Security stakeholder communications plan
  • Assistance with briefings and reports

Gain more insight from a business perspective

Technology Command

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Getting your security systems to do what you need them to do

Operational Excellence

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