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Security Assessments

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Assessments form the basis for the majority of security planning.

We can perform all of the assessment work ourselves, or create a team that’s a combination of your personnel and ours (which allows for greater knowledge transfer).

Here are the most popular types of assessments we perform for you, with you, or help you perform yourself.

  • Facility Physical Security Risk Assessment Services – “All Hazards” or Special Scope
    • Review of your self-directed assessment work product
    • Guidance and daily support for internally-resourced assessments
    • Assessments performed by RBCS
    • Hybrid internal/external assessment execution
  • Physical Security for Critical IT Assets
  • Video Surveillance Quality and Objectives Audit
  • Electronic Security Systems Strengths and Weaknesses Audit
  • C-TPAT Compliance Assessment and Planning

These are assessments that require independent third-party assessors and/or special subject matter expertise.

Call to Learn More

To learn more about our assessment capabilities and experience, call us at 949-831-6788.