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Technical Writing Samples for Prism Software

Technical Writing Samples for Prism Software

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Just a few examples. More are available.

Detailed Product Specifications for Architects and Design Engineers

Written in conformance to the standards and guidance of the Construction Specifications Institute.

Six A&E Specifications for BluBØX

Technology Papers for the Security Industry Association

A paper explaining how the new generation of fully digital video analytics, which are object-model based and incorporate machine-learning, are orders of magnitude different from the previous generation of video analytics.

The State of Security Video Analytics

Information security is of critical importance for 21st century electronic physical security systems, because they now generate data of high importance to sales, marketing and business operations.

Big Data and Privacy for Physical Security

Marketing Paper Explaining Cyber Security Features of Product

The cloud-based security camera video management system—from an IT-based company (heritage: Barracuda Networks)— provides protection against Devil's Ivy other cyber security vulnerabilities.

Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown

All illustrations for the two Industry Technology Papers and the Marketing Paper were developed by this writer using PowerPoint.