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Micro-Assessment Template

Micro-Assessment Template

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Below is a very simple template to provide guidance in performing a micro-assessment. Micro-assessments are tactical tools: small narrowly-focused efforts to quickly provide actionable insight.

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Download the Microsoft® Word® Document File

Micro-Assessment Template (Word Document File)   (downloads: 2172)

Download the Microsoft® Word® Template File

Micro-Assessment Template (Word Template File)   (downloads: 1649)

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Micro-Assessment Template

Title: [Insert title here, such as “Critical Process Protection” or “R&D Prototype Safeguards”]

Scope: [Insert scope here, such as “Three main manufacturing plants” or “R&D Campus”]

Time Frame: [Insert time frame here, which could be anything appropriate, such as “two hours per week for the next 6 weeks” or “two days next week” or exact calendar dates and times]

Performed by: [Insert name of individual performing the assessment]

Stakeholders to be Consulted: [List stakeholders to be consulted or interviewed]

Insight Sought: [This can be general such as “Learn enough about warehouse operations to determine if a larger security assessment is warranted,” or specific such as: “Identify the gaps in our security program documentation.”]

Objective: [Provide a sentence or small paragraph describing what the micro-assessment must accomplish. For example: “Identify the R&D Prototype protection controls currently in place—including people, process and technology—and dig up any related documentation. Determine if there are any gaps or weaknesses in prototype safeguards and describe them.”]

References: [Only if needed: These are references that outline an approach or provide guidance or starting material – should be limited to pages, not chapters in size]

Attachments: [Optional: Insert list of attachments including description of each. Can be micro-assessment data, work product, evidence, or elaboration on insights and recommendations]

What was Learned: [List or describe below or reference attached pages]

Recommended Follow-Up: [Insert a sentence or small paragraph]


Micro-Assessment Steps
[List the steps to be performed below – half-page to one-page maximum]