ISC West 2022 Panel: Cloud Video Surveillance Makes Cities Smarter – Smart City Lessons

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Mexico City’s massive cloud-based security initiative serves as a proof of concept for a new way for integrators to approach the smart city and smart building verticals. Get your questions answered in this session!

Cloud Video Surveillance Makes Cities Smarter: Smart City Lessons for Resellers in Enterprise, Multi-Site and SMB Applications
Date: Thursday, March 24th
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
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Designed for resellers who specialize in SMB, multi-site projects, enterprise as well as those who are focused on smart city applications, this educational session is for resellers who want to see a real-world example of how cloud video surveillance differs from the traditional approach to security.

Don’t miss this dynamic and interactive panel discussion about how cloud video surveillance can make cities smarter. Effective citywide surveillance is more than installing cameras in a few key locations, it’s about creating a platform that meets the unique needs of each municipality.

In this educational session, hear the integrator, technology expert and security consultant perspectives on how a networked, cloud-based surveillance system can open up tremendous business opportunities for a security integrator and deliver safety and efficiency for a smart city. The panel will delve into the details of a successful multi-year smart city project that will ultimately include 58,000 fixed cameras and 16,000 vehicle cameras in public passenger transport units.

Learn how cybersecurity is baked into the project at all levels and how APIs are used to customize a unique web application that integrates fixed, mobile body worn, and vehicle cameras into one interface, providing an unprecedented level of insight and awareness into this city’s operations. Finally, discuss how lessons learned in smart city applications can be applied to enterprise projects in many different vertical markets, as well as multi-site locations and SMB projects.