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Make a Request or Suggestion for “Real Words or Buzzwords?”

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“Real Words or Buzzwords?” is a bi-weekly (every two weeks) series of articles I write on about how real words become empty words and stifle technology progress in the physical security industry.

Most of the terms you see in the Real Words or Buzzwords? articles came from requests I have received since the series was launched. It’s hard to decide which term to cover next, and I’m happy to receive requests for terms to cover. I currently have a list of more than 30 topics, and so requests help me prioritize.

The most highly-request topics have been Future Proof and Future Proofing, Enterprise Class, and Open. You can use the form below to request a term to cover in Real Words or Buzzwords?, and you can also suggest additional material for me to insert in an existing article, if there is a paragraph or two that makes an important point I didn’t include. You’ll get credit for the suggestion.—Ray