What Cloud Computing Means for Physical Security

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I am writing this series of articles for Security Dealer & Integrator magazine, because cloud computing and cloud-based services are not yet understood well enough in the broad physical security community. While these articles are written to address things that matter to security integrators, sales people in any role and customers as well need to understand the various aspects of cloud services that these articles discuss. —Ray Bernard


Note: you can make a PDF of the article's pages from the Digital Edition.

Cover March Issue of Security Dealer & Integrator

Avoid Key Cloud Services Mistakes

(SD&I March 2016)


Digital Edition: Page 66 of the March issue's Digital Edition

Cover June Issue of Security Dealer & Integrator

Cloud Computing: Clarity or Confusion?

(SD&I June 2016)


Digital Edition: Page 44 of the June issue's Digital Edition

Cover July Issue of Security Dealer & Integrator

Evaluating a Cloud-Based Service

(SD&I July 2016)


Digital Edition: Page 60 of the July issue's Digital Edition

Cover September Issue of Security Dealer & Integrator

Addressing Cloud Risk

(SD&I September 2016)


Digital Edition: Page 46 of the September issue's Digital Edition