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Technical Paper: The Future of Physical Security System Networking

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by Ray Bernard

In 2018, Frost and Sullivan recognized that electronic physical security systems, as well as other IoT systems utilizing traditional local area networks (LANs), were not being well-served by office-style LAN technology, which is based on 40-year-old PC-centric business computing systems.

Modern LAN principles, developed by Frost & Sullivan, provide a new set of best practices around local area network design for the IoT and IIoT smart device systems being deployed today.

However, five years after the introduction of The Modern LAN principles, the physical security industry is generally still not aware of them and continues to design and deploy security systems using outdated LAN architectures and equipment.

So, I decided to develop a white paper about The Modern LAN, contrasting its principles with the network designs still in use today.

Requesting Your Help

I decided to get a good understanding of the existing security system networking landscape, and for that I am seeking the help of security design consultants and security integrators and managed service providers. You can help me in two ways. First, by taking my survey about how – in your experience – network design is being done today. Second, by reviewing one or two early drafts of the white paper and providing me with your comments and questions, and perhaps a quote or two about your thoughts on the topics in the paper. I’ll be notifying the survey respondents when the first white paper draft is ready.

I hope you’ll be able to help.

Best regards,