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The 21st Century Customer

and the Security Industry

An Industry Analysis

Manufacturer's Edition

Seize Your Company’s Second Chance to Create Breakthrough Products



Title: The 21st Century Customer and the Security Industry

Type: PDF File (Email Delivery)

Subject: Security Industry Analysis

Edition: Manufacturer's Edition

Publication Date: March 14, 2016

Version: 1.4 (updated March 24, 2016)

Number of Pages: 68

Preview Pages: Cover to page 9, 40-44, 63-68

Preview Content: Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, Introduction, Age of the Customer, Follow-Up Materials, About Ray Bernard


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About this Report

Why is it vital to read this report before ISC west?

  • This report will forever change the way you listen to your customers.
  • You will learn what 21st century customers value most—and how well your products and services provide it.
  • You will see your competitor’s differently—and you will know why some products are serious competition, while others are not.

If I’m not going to ISC west, should I still read this report?

  • This report documents two significant new trends that will impact your company’s growth for the next 10 years or more. You don’t need to be at ISC West to benefit from this report—but you should still take advantage of the pre-ISC-West discount!


  • Hard evidence of the “Perfect Storm” that is occurring in our industry right now. Preparing for this storm will be critical to your success or failure.
  • Proof of how company could earn record profits even though they don’t have the lion’s share of your market's sales, by applying what is in this report!
  • How to assess where your products stand in relation to industry-changing technology trends. Is your business model correct? Are your products on the right track?
  • The big mistake Bill Gates and Microsoft made in 1995, which the security industry is about to make now!

Readers of this report have said:

“This helped me with a major product decision. Invest in both products, or retire one and invest in the other. The trends were against one product, and all in favor of the other. A no-brainer decision, but not so simple without this information.”
— O.M, Product Manager

“This is a ground-breaking report!  This has given me the whole picture, where I only had bits and pieces before”
— J.F., Regional Sales Manager

“The information in this report has given me a new yardstick with which to evaluate partners. It feels good to know our decisions have a solid basis now.”
—B.K. VP Strategic Relations

“I hadn’t realized how much of our thinking was stuck in the 20th century.
Ray Bernard has opened our eyes and set our sights firmly in the 21st century.”

— B.K. VP Strategic Relations

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Report Name: The 21st Century Customer and the Security Industry

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