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21st Century Security Industry Workbook List

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Cover - 21st Century Security Industry Workbook

The 21st Century Security Industry Workbook: Using Convergence & Customer Trends to Create Breakthrough Products and Services is a companion piece to the report titled, The 21st Century Customer and the Security Industry. This workbook is a set of materials, with checklists and worksheets, for methodically addressing the security industry challenges described in this report.

Purchasers of the The 21st Century Customer and the Security Industry report will automatically receive the workbook upon its release in early 2017.

The objective of these workbook materials is to enable you to:

• Perform a Trends Assessment: assess where your company stands against 25 digital trends—do they support your business model or erode it?

• Measure Product Viability: determine the long-term viability of your products against industry market trends and 21st century customer trends.

• Create a Strategic Action Plan: Based upon detailed case studies of success and failure at Sony, Microsoft, Vivendi Universal, Johnson & Johnson, and AT&T—create a strategic action plan that will allow you continue to seize today’s opportunities while transitioning to the opportunities of tomorrow.

• Jump Ahead of Your Competition: There is one thing that you can have your leading product do that 21st Century Customers consider more valuable than any other capability. By updating your product for that one capability, you can jump way ahead of your competition.


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