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Effective Product Communications

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The scope of product communications includes all documents, including presentations, that describe or discuss a manufacturer’s or resellers products. Many fall short of the effectiveness they could have, for one or both of these two reasons:

  • The full document audience is not addressed.
  • The Solution Ownership Cycle is not effectively applied.

Solution Ownership Cycle


Document Stakeholders

Document stakeholders are the decision-makers who rely on the documents to perform evaluations, make decisions, or engage in technology planning.

For example, key stakeholders who rely on A&E specifications documents include:

  • Architecture & Engineering firm design engineers and security risk consultants
  • IT infrastructure systems architects and design engineers
  • Security design consultants
  • End-user customer IT product evaluators
  • Network designers
  • End-user customer cybersecurity specialists
  • Corporate procurement personnel
  • Security integrators
  • End-user customers:
    • Security directors
    • Security operations managers
    • Facility managers
    • Business operations managers
    • Operations consumers of business-related security system information