Articles and Columns

Ray Bernard has been writing for dozens of security and engineering magazines and journals for over 25 years.

Here are some links to just a few of the magazine articles and columns that Ray has written. More articles and columns are added each month.

The articles and columns from Security Technology Executive magazine are available online at (SIW), and starting in Oct 2012 articles are also available online in the Security Technology Executive Digital Edition. Articles and columns open in a new window.


One Pizza-Based Security Improvement [RBCS Website]

Why you should fine-tune your security assessments [RBCS Website]

The Increasing Pace of Technology Advancement [RBCS Website]

RBAC for Physical Access [SIW Online]

IPv6 and You [SIW Online]

The State of Converged Security Operations [SIW Online]

Unified Operations Centers [SIW Online]

Security Integration: Ground Floor Changes [SIW Online]

Searching For The Perfect Fit: Security Systems Integration Testing [SIW Online]

Designing A Hybrid Video System [SIW Online]

Convergence Q&A Columns

Why do I need a Technology Roadmap? [SIW Online] [Digital Edition]

The ROI of Proper Documentation [SIW Online]

Security and IT Alignment [SIW Online]

Don’t Get Kinky [SIW Online]

The Universal Log-on Vulnerability [SIW Online]

Simple Network Management Passion [SIW Online]

Wheels or Electrons [SIW Online]

Maximizing Your Progress in 2012 [SIW Online]

The Deadlocking Plunger Weakness [SIW Online]

The ROI of Being IT-Savvy  [SIW Online]

2011 Convergence Education [SIW Online]

Protecting Information In Human Memory [SIW Online]

Facing Up to Lock and Key Denial [SIW Online]

Security Industry Wake-Up Call! [SIW Online]

Putting Interoperability Standards into Perspective  [SIW Online]