About Ray Bernard (by Ray)

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That sums up what my clients like about my consultancy work, and that of my colleagues.

Most of the time I have one foot in security program development for organizations of all sizes, and the other foot in helping advance the state of security industry technology.

That includes advancing (and sometimes fixing) the state of deployed security systems—work that I truly enjoy.

I’m a customer advocate first and foremost, and whether we’re advancing security programs or security technology, we never lose sight of THE JOB OF SECURITY:

Reduce security risks to acceptable levels, at an acceptable cost, and in a manner harmonious to the business.

MY ACCOMPISHMENTS, for example, include playing a very key role in helping a Port Authority complete their three-airport Y2K security system upgrade project on time and under budget. It was the first time, and the only time for at least the 10 years after, that they achieved that level of schedule and budget success for an IT project over $1 million (this one was much larger).

As with most technology project showstoppers, people are the key to resolving them. We had great client and vendor teams, great collaboration, and working closely together we produced great results.

MY INSIGHTS COME FROM seeing technology through the eyes of its users (the security industry’s end customers), and that has been the key to success in security technology planning and design, and security systems deployment.

THAT IS THE PERSPECTIVE from which I have written more than 200 columns and articles for dozens of building systems magazines, engineering magazines, security journals and trade magazines, security websites, and contributed to books on security, for more than 20 years.

Plus there is my own book recently published by Elsevier and available on Amazon: Security Technology Convergence Insights. It contains lessons learned in the IT and security technology trenches, as well as analysis about what's going on in the security industry.

You may also like my Real Words or Buzzwords? series about how real words become empty words and stifle technology progress in the industry.

SUBJECTS THAT I'M WORKING ON and paying close attention to right now include:

  • How the ROI from Intelligent LED Lighting Retrofit Projects can fund Security technology upgrades
  • Security Applications for Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS), including LiFi and Earth-magnetic
  • Assessing/Reducing the Total Cost of Security Technology Ownership for Large Enterprises (it's not as simple as it sounds)

TOOLS: There is an very good assortment of tools on this website I have put together for projects, that are now available your own use, including:

If you'd like to explore how RBCS might be of service to you, or you have a question about any of the materials on our website, please do call (949-681-9814) or send me a note. I'd love to hear from you.